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Gwendoline Christie attends the British Academy Film Awards 2014 at The Royal Opera House on February 16, 2014 in London, England.

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yOU’RE not a reAL GAMER unless youve consumed thREE WHOLE XBOXES

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Ink Illustrations by Parisian Artist Nico Delort

On Tumblr.

The Only Magic Left is #ART01 is now 50% off and ships in 2 weeks.

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Kojima throwin’ down some wisdom.

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Winter Scenery of Mochou Lake, Nanjing City, China 

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Marvel Illustrations

Created by Jamal Campbell (Pryce14)


Follow this artist on Deviant Art - Website - Tumblr


  • Nova
  • Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat
  • Iron Patriot
  • Gamora
  • Thor


More arts from this artist on my Tumblr HERE

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Nathan Fillion is not appreciated enough.

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Some photos I took during the Q&A on Parahoy! These seem to be the most popular on my flickr (minus one I didn’t upload on there).

Edit as you like, just please credit me! :)

View more photos from the Q&A here!

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I am Ramona Flowers and you cannot convince me otherwise.


I am Ramona Flowers and you cannot convince me otherwise.

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